Why Construction Labouring is a Great Job for International Students and Backpackers

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Don’t overlook the value of Construction Jobs while visiting Australia and all that they can give you in return.

Whether you have a Student visa, Working Holiday visa or a Work and Holiday visa, construction jobs are often overlooked.

They are in fact, some of the highest paid jobs you can easily secure in Australia with little or no experience.


1.  Why Work 30 Hours, When You Can Earn the Same in 20 ?

Aside from the high hourly, overtime, weekend and night rates, good labour hire companies actually pay you while travelling to work. Get in, get the work done and get back to your adventures in less time with more money.

2.  Quick Easy Start With No Experience

Need good money now and not in a couple of weeks, or half way across the country? Construction labouring and traffic control traffic control jobs are available right now. No experience necessary. Just a willingness to learn, work and be dependable. It’s a no-brainer.

All you need is a White Card (safety training) to work on a construction site in Australia. You can acquire this in one day and be working the next.

An extra couple of days training if you choose to be a Traffic Controller. See our guide here.

3.  Flexible Shifts for Travellers and Students

So you’re on a break from your course and you want to quickly earn as much money as possible. Full time work with overtime is available right now from good employers.

If you can only do 20 hours a week. No problem. Day and night shifts to suit your study or social commitments, and immediate financial needs are easily arranged by good labour hire companies.

4.  Your English Will Never be the Same Again

If conversational real-world english is your goal, then a construction site is the perfect place to fast-track your skills. Quick wit, clear communication on a wide variety of tasks and everyday language, will have you on your toes and advancing at a fast pace.

5.  Meet Some Really Down-to-Earth Aussies

Construction is where many of the grassroots Aussies work. You may not get to meet these people in your normal travels around the country or during your studies. You’ll develop a greater understanding and appreciation of Australian culture, make some great friends and have a good old laugh with your new mates.

“Some of the highest paid jobs you can easily secure in Australia with little or no experience.”

6.  Lose Some Weight or Look Buff

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling strong and looking good. Especially while you’re on the road travelling and socialising. Why not get paid while achieving this?

General labouring will keep your body active and looking great. All while improving your focus and general outlook in the way that only physical exercise can.

Sometimes it’s hard work, sometimes it’s not. Overall, the variety and consistency of moving about throughout the job will help develop or maintain that social or beach confidence.

7.  Earn the Good Bucks Now, Then You’re Free to Travel

Put in a good effort, get the money in the bank then hit the open road in good shape, with plenty of cash to do as you please both in Australia and abroad.

8.  You’ll Always be in Demand

Basic labouring skills in construction will have you in demand no matter where your travels lead. Work less and earn more.

9.  Practical Skills and Core Character for Life

Basically, you’ll be paid while learning real hands-on practical skills that many people never acquire. Simple foundational skills that’ll have you fixing and building things in your life without a second thought. You’ll be the handy person to have around.

If your goals are to move on to university and professional life, the core character virtues that can be developed through 6 months of physical work in construction will strengthen everything else you choose to do in life.

10.  You Might Discover a Career Path You Never Considered

Labouring and traffic management are a worthy destination in themselves. But you may see something in the construction industry that really appeals. Working on big projects from the ground up, watching something appear from nothing. Maybe project management, estimating… who knows.

11.  Reputable Employment From Trustworthy People

Questionable postings on backpacker jobs boards will be a thing of the past. Join up with a good labour hire company and you’ll be valued and cared for within an Australian team environment and through legislation, from the start.


Final Thoughts

Don’t overlook the value of Construction Jobs while visiting Australia and all that they can give you in return. Whether you’re experienced or not.

If you want to find out more, check out some of the videos on our Find Work page, or drop us an enquiry. We’re happy to help.