Why Smart People Choose the Construction Industry

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Construction's where it's at. It's vast, accessible and welcomes everybody. It's a no-brainer.

Construction is as old as humanity itself. It ain’t going nowhere.

So why do smart people choose it? Money? Easy entry, up-skilling and advancement? Pride in creating for others? Team spirit..? You decide.


1.  Huge, Secure Industry

The size of the construction industry is undeniable. It’s huge and one of the fastest growing in Australia. The variety and scope of opportunities within the industry have never been greater. Whether you’re fresh out of school and looking for a secure and exciting career, or perhaps tired of your 9 to 5 desk grind, the construction industry may just hold the keys to your happiness and success.

2.  Tools, Hi-Tech and Office Roles

So you love working with timber, steel or concrete, or maybe it’s the hands-on problem solving. Well you and construction are made for each other. But if technology and gadgets are your thing, then construction is booming in this area. Lasers, GPS guiding, 3D modelling, drones, robotics and more are being utilised across the industry and people are needed to operate the equipment. And if your passion is organising people and things on or off-site, there are countless opportunities for office based work.

3.  Endless Demand

You don’t need a university degree or years of experience to be in demand within construction. The industry Australia wide is crying out for everybody from general labouring and traffic control through to skilled trades, site and project managers, administrators, engineers and everything in between. And with this demand, comes the reward.

4.  Top Money

Gone are the days when desk-based corporate jobs were considered the main pathway to the big bucks. Construction labouring alone can easily surpass the take home money that so-called desirable desk jobs can offer. Let alone your average tradie, who probably earns more than most of the white collar people you know. The mind boggles as you look into supervisors, project managers and beyond.

5.  Pathways to Up-Skill and Increase Income

Starting with your White Card (1 day to achieve), general labourers can pursue any number of tickets (licences) to increase their value to employers and income for themselves. The most popular taking 1-7 days to complete. Things like hoist operator, traffic control, forklift and rigging tickets (see our guides). For tradespeople, there are standard courses for additional certificates and specialist licences.

All of this is set out in legislation for anybody to achieve. The sky’s the limit. If you’re thinking management, moving from physical based to leadership roles is an option for everybody.

“Construction may just hold the keys to your happiness and success.”

6.  Women Valued Industry-Wide

Women are prevalent and highly valued right across the construction industry in Australia. Whether in the trades, traffic control, administration or leadership roles, they’re bringing a new dimension to the industry as a whole. There has never been more opportunities for women in construction as there are today.

7.  Easy Entry, Earn Now

Whether starting as a labourer, traffic controller or beginning your trade apprenticeship, full or partial government funding is available for many of the courses. No need to rack up big university debt to get into construction. Apprenticeships are readily available (where you start earning immediately) and good employers are always on the look out for reliable people wanting to start in labouring or traffic control. Get some experience, see what you like, up-skill with some tickets and earn more.

8.  Build Something From Nothing

Many of us loved building things as kids. This desire to create is within us all. The satisfaction of working on a construction project and seeing something appear from nothing, delivers a sense of pride and self-value that’s hard to replicate.

9.  Team Spirit

Working with all types of skilled and professional people on a common goal, leads to strong camaraderie and team spirit. Everybody contributes to the whole with their efforts and dedication. It’s a true team effort where individuals recognise the value of each other’s work.

10.  Skills for Life

Yes, the practical hands-on skills you develop will prove invaluable throughout your life. But even more-so, the core skills you develop in problem solving, communication, leadership and more can be applied across everything you pursue.

11.  Fit, Focused and Energised

Maintaining a strong body and confident outlook is a goal or dream for most people. Easier said than done. Working on a construction site can make this a reality, all without having to hit the gym. Stay fit, focused and energised simply by going to work. Done.

12.  A Place for Everybody

Construction welcomes people from all walks of life. If you’re committed to giving it a go, the industry will find a place for you. This spirit is often missing in other industries where looks, education, perceived intelligence and social position, limits opportunities for many. There is a life-long place for everybody in construction.

13.  Why Not Give it a Crack

Not ready to commit to a trade or other skilled work and want to check it out first? Or you need to start earning good money this week? Well go get your White Card tomorrow, then reach out for some general labouring work the day after. Alternatively, a couple of extra days to get your Traffic Controller ticket (see our guide).

A good employer will give you an opportunity in either role, by simply showing good character and commitment. The money will be great from start, while you get a chance to see the areas of construction that may be of interest to you.


Final Thoughts

Construction’s where it’s at. What are you waiting for?