How Construction Companies Select Labour Hire Suppliers

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Securing a flexible labour hire workforce is fundamental to the success of every big construction project.

Established construction companies know what they need to get a project done.

Let’s break down how they assess the viability of a labour hire company as a workforce supplier for their project.


1.  Industry Sector Expertise

Construction companies look for labour hire suppliers with a track record and expertise in the industry sector specifically relevant to their project. There’s no point engaging a labour hire company that specialise in residential housing construction to supply workers on a huge civil infrastructure, industrial, commercial or tower project. They must be the right fit for the sector and type of project at hand.

2.  Management With Hands-On Experience

It counts for a lot in business, when those coordinating operations and people resources have worked on the frontline themselves and understand the challenges faced from this perspective and beyond. Knowing that there are people in the ownership structure and management team that have worked hands-on in construction is a big benefit to a construction company when selecting a labour hire supplier.

3.  A Reputation for Integrity

Engaging a supplier that is known to deliver on projects, with core values that resonate with their own operation, is critical and a sure-fire way to kick off a successful and long-standing labour supply relationship. Ethics, integrity and moral standing in business stand the test of time.

4.  They Understand Them and Their Project

Good suppliers listen more than they talk. Where possible, construction companies like to work with labour hire companies early in the planning stages of a project to ensure a common path is set and potential labour needs across each stage of a project are clearly defined. They realise their business and project is unique and need a team of suppliers that operate with the same realisation.

5.  Easy to Deal With

This is a key criteria for construction companies when they discuss their labour hire providers. It comes up time and time again. People and companies who are easy to deal with, know what they’re doing and get the job done, are highly valued suppliers.

“Freeing them to focus on their own challenges across the full duration of the project.”

6.  One Primary Point of Contact who Takes Their Calls and Responds Quickly

People running big projects need absolute clarity on who to call to achieve action. Delays in communication can be expensive in construction. On-call availability to supply demand and resolve issues, is a critical component of a successful relationship between a construction company and their labour hire provider.

7.  Quick to Action Requests and Adjust to Changes

Things can change quickly on any project. Schedules moved forward, supply chain disruptions, weather and other unforeseen challenges, you name it. Project managers and the like need a labour hire workforce that can move efficiently with the flow of the project. A provider that can assess the situation quickly, adjust to changes in demand and action solutions there and then.

8.  Regular Site Visits to Monitor Project and Worker Needs

You’d think this would be standard practice among labour hire firms. However, it’s not. Project managers, site supervisors and construction companies in general, appreciate seeing labour hire area managers regularly onsite, checking-in on project changes and progress, issues that may need attention and tending to the needs of their labour team.

9.  A Supplier who Knows and Values Their Workforce

Labour hire companies who look after their team, maintain strong relationships with the individual members and retain many long-term workers deliver a strong, capable workforce that integrates well and achieves solid results on construction projects. Whether filling in for short-term gaps or contributing to long-term stability across the duration of a project, these labour providers are in demand.

10.  Workers are Well Presented, Safety Focused and Ready to Go

Construction companies and their projects need a labour force who turn up on time, well presented and ready to work. They need to be up to date on compliance and hyper-aware of safety. Medicals, fit testing, Safe Work Method Statements and all required paperwork should already be up-to-date and in place. It goes without saying, professional, competent and courteous workers to represent all stakeholders is a must.

11.  Take Tasks off Their Hands

With all of the above in mind, construction companies look for labour hire firms who confidently take multiple tasks off their hands, deliver on agreements and get the job done. Freeing them to focus on their own challenges across the full duration of the project.


Final Thoughts

Construction is a complex and diverse industry, where proven long-term supply partnerships are highly regarded. Securing a dependable labour hire workforce is fundamental to the success of any project and valued by construction companies across the industry.

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